Bathtub Included

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  • April 03, 2013

Last week, a local pastor asked us to pray for a new house for he and his family. The pastor told me that he needed a much bigger house, but needed his rent payments to be comparable to his current ones. He told me that preferably the new house would be close to where they were already living, and it would be nice if it had a bathtub for his wife. As I prayed, I had no doubts that the Lord would provide as He does time and time again.

Yesterday, they found a house that was just two streets away from their current house and is nearly twice as big, for only $20/month more than their current payments! Moreover, even in Costa Rica where they are hard to come by, this particular house came with a bathtub included just as he had wanted for his wife!

The God I serve doesn’t settle for just providing for us. As if that isn’t enough. You see, without a bathtub, one could say that this house was a “great find” and ignore the fact that God was involved at all. My God desires specific prayers with bathtubs included because when He answers them, He gets 100% of the glory. No questions asked.

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