To ensure that individuals are not exploited in Costa Rica LFI works to support, empower and advocate for children and youth at risk as well as provide protection and resources to victims and survivors.Through research, collaboration, consulting and outreach. LFI has established various programs for intervening and preventing the trafficking of children and youth in Costa Rica. 


Individuals will not be sexually exploited


LFI developed when our founder Anna Carroll made a trip to the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. She learned about the issue of child prostitution that permeated the area because of the amount of travelers. What stunned her even more was that no one was doing anything about it. After returning to the United States, Anna founded LightForce International through her local church, which has since developed into its own non-profit organization. During our first few years, LFI developed programs and networked with multiple communities to bring awareness and establish a strong foundation in Costa Rica. LFI has networked with many organizations and worked in many aspects of ministry, to target and refine their mission to bring restoration to victims of exploitation. Today, LFI has offices in multiple countries where we continue programs and build resources to fulfill our vision.


  • Christ-Centered
  • Servant Leader
  • Relational
  • Honorable
  • Empowering