The objects of the present life fill the human eye with a false magnification because of their immediacy.

– William Wilberforce

Individuals who are caught in exploitation are not only physically abused but psychologically enslaved. Speaking truth into the lives of individuals who are exploited can break down the barriers built up from a life of trauma and distrust. Through our intervention programs, LFI personally connects with individuals in order to provide them the tangible resources they need to break free from a life of prostitution.




First Contact is a program designed to meet people who are already working in the sex industry. In order to break social barriers and build trust with each individual they encounter, LFI walks the streets by night to establish friendships with the people who work there. LFI brings consistency and worth to people on the streets by weekly serving coffee and providing basic needs in order to show the true character of love to the people they encounter. LFI is committed to partnering with these people through this process as they leave a life of physical and psychological bondage for a life of freedom.


Change begins on an individual level. Working within at-risk communities gives LFI the opportunity to work alongside other local ministries, churches, and service organizations in order to provide an alternative social outlet for youth in the area. By building relationships within these communities LFI is able to empower local people and educate the youth on how to protect themselves against sexual abuse.


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